The Keys

"Je ne chante pas pour passer le temps,
mais pour me rendre intéressant"
Hubert Félix Thiéfaine

Strings and Voices
Between the lines

I'm now settling in Montreal, Canada  for the year
so this website won't be updated for a While, because I'll be Outside in the Wild.
On the Road Again,
with stories to tell. & cds to sell !

First Album
"Outside/In theWild/For A While"
Ready !

Tracklisting :
1. The Sea is a Song
2. She's not the One
3. My Friend Jed
4. Pills for thrills
5. The Noise of Your Fingers
6. Locked / Lost
7. The Keys

Second Album
"Elle était toute seule dans sa tête"
Ready !

1. There's a Fire in the Nursery 
2. In this Rough/Tough City 
3. A Childhood in the Woods 
4. Poor Child, it's a Cruel World
5. Love is like the Rain (it falls on every roofs)
6. Drift from the Countryside 
7. Maybe Baby you May Be Gone 


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Pub “Us Passion” avec Dominique Glorieux

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